WalMart Purchase of PlayStation 4 Contained Something Rather Different


A Denver man wanted to surprise his 13-year-old niece for Christmas and visited the Stapleton WalMart to purchase PlayStation 4, but what the box contained was something rather different. What was supposed to be an expensive PlayStation 4 console turned out to be two bags of rocks.

The box did feel quite heavy, apparently. Even the employee who rang it up for him mentioned the box was a little on the heavy side, but Igor Baksht had never bought one before, so didn’t know what to expect. He just assumed that the console would weigh that much.

However, he luckily opened the box when he got it home, before gifting it to his teenage niece. He wanted to make sure everything was in place before wrapping it for Christmas but, as he told KMGH, the PlayStation 4 he had bought his niece, turned out to be two large bags of rocks instead of a gamer’s Christmas delight.  Baksht told the media, “When I opened it, I said ‘Oh, my God.'”

Baksht then wanted to visit WalMart to complain that the anticipated gift had turned out to be a dud. He mentioned he couldn’t go back immediately as the store had already closed. He then tried visiting a 24-hour WalMart, explaining that his purchase of PlayStation 4 had contained something rather different, in the form of two bags of rocks. He was immediately told he had to take the purchase back to the store where he had originally made the purchase.

On Saturday that week, he returned to the Stapleton WalMart, but initially they told him they couldn’t do anything about it as they had no proof that the box contained rocks when Baksht purchased it. He felt the staff were treating him like a criminal, and he even phoned the corporate office, trying to sort things out.

After being given the runaround by various staff members, someone finally admitted that the gaming console he bought was previously returned by a buyer.  It seems no one actually bothered to check inside the box before refunding the crooked purchaser, and they just put the PlayStation 4 box back on the shelf (complete with rocks it seems).

Finally on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, the manager of the Stapleton WalMart phoned Baksht and told him to return the box to the store and he eventually did get his money back.  It is unknown if he then purchased a PlayStation 4 for his niece elsewhere.

Apparently this is nothing new for Walmart. There have been instances during the last couple of years where people have found paper notepads inside the box where their new iPad should have been.

It seems Christmas gift shopping is becoming something of an ordeal at WalMart, especially when a purchase of PlayStation 4 is found to contain something rather different from what was originally envisaged. It certainly looks like the staff handling returns need to start checking before refunding their customers, especially at this time of year, when people short of cash will take chances where they can.

By Anne Sewell



NY Daily News


Image: Screengrab from YouTube video

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