Bill Cosby Accuser First to Press Charges

Bill CosbyThe first of Bill Cosby’s accusers has officially pressed charges against him. Chloe Goins has reportedly gone to the Los Angeles Police Department to file the claim that the comedian sexually assaulted her. She was met by a number of journalists outside the police station to find out why it took her so long to press charges.

The model claims that she was drugged and assaulted when she was 18. She was at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion at the time, when she passed out and woke up naked and in a bedroom. She says that Cosby was licking her toes while masturbating. It has taken her six years to file a criminal complaint against him.

It is possible that the claims will not go any further. The statute of limitations for California is six years for all sexual assaults except rape. It has been just over the six years, but it is possible that she is alleging rape occurred. Mr. Kuvin has said that he will issue the Playboy mansion with a search warrant, as there are cameras all around the house. There is the possibility of the alleged incident being caught on one of the cameras in the bedrooms.

Goins is not the first woman to accuse Cosby of sexual assault. However, she is the first to press criminal charges. Others over the last five decades have taken the incident to a civil court for compensation.

Goins is the first accuser to press charges, but many others may follow. Her attorney Kuvin said that she wants to put it all behind her, but she realized that she may be the only person who can get a criminal conviction due to the statute of limitations. Many other allegations are over a decade old, with some of them happening as many as five decades ago.

It is very important for her to see this through, despite being nervous. She has allegations against herself for soliciting prostitution and being a minor while in a gambling establishment, but the charges were dropped. Kuvin expects Cosby’s lawyers to investigate her further. They will want to bring up the negative aspects of her life, and she is worried about that.

However, Goins wants to do the right thing. She owes it to others to help have him criminally charged for the despicable acts that he has allegedly been involved in. Cosby is expected to make light of the latest incidents during his Denver show at the weekend.

The 77-year-old comedian continues to claim that he is innocent, and a court of law has never found him criminally guilty of doing anything. So far, the man’s attorney has not commented on the accusations and criminal charges.

Despite stating his innocence, he has cancelled some appearances in the past. He allegedly made the decisions, and that may have been due to the likely questions that he would have been asked. He has also cancelled his February 6 appearance at Worcester’s Hanover Theater due to poor ticket sales. More may follow now that the first accuser has pressed charges against Cosby.

By Alexandria Ingham

New York Daily News

The Washington Times


Photo by Senator Chris Coons – Public Domain

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