China Removes Senior Diplomat Accused of Corruption From Office

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In China, Assistant Foreign Minister Zhang Kunsheng has been removed from office. He is under investigation, reports the BBC News, as the first top diplomat targeted by the anti-corruption campaign that was instituted by President Xi Jinping.

Zhang Kunsheng has been described as “violating discipline,” by the foreign ministry. That is a term in wide use by Chinese government officials to mean that someone is being accused of corruption.

President Xi Jinping is on record as desiring to go after corrupt officials in China and put a stop to the wide-spread corruption reported to exist there. According to state media, Mr. Zhang is, so far, the highest-ranking diplomat to be accused of corruption.

He is not the first government official to be targeted. Since the anti-corruption program began in 2012, thousands of officials have reportedly been netted. In 2014, one of these officials was former security chief Zhou Yongkang.

Zhang Kunsheng, according to the foreign ministry’s website, was the head of their protocol department. Now, this role has been filled by Qin Gang, who had been a ministry spokesman.

Assistant Foreign Minister Zhang Kunsheng is, according to the BBC Breaking News report, the first top diplomat in China that has been removed from office after having been accused of corruption. Further updates will be reported as more details become known.

Written By: Douglas Cobb

BBC News
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