Jamie Dornan Defends ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Content


Fifty Shades of Grey is the upcoming romantic drama arriving in theaters this Valentine’s Day season and has been a topic of conversation ever since the book that the film is based on was released in 2011. The film’s leading actor, Jamie Dornan, plays the role of the multi-billionaire Christian Grey and recently spoke with Elle U.K. about the film and actually defended some of the movie’s content that was previously bashed and looked down upon by a number of critics.

The big statement of Dornan’s that is making headlines is his saying that Fifty Shades is not a misogynistic piece of work. The actor states that he understands why one would initially take to thinking that, due to the fact that a major, and rather controversial, theme found in the storyline is the likes of Bondage, Dominance, Sadism and Masochism (BDSM). A wealthy and powerful man taking a woman into his chambers and spanking her does sound very misogynistic when described in a way as bland as that, but Fifty Shades is not just a simple slap on the behind, there is much more artistic depth to it – a very valid reason for why this particular series was brought to light more so than other pieces of erotic literature.

The series is comprised of three novels, each one beginning where the previous left off. British author E.L. James is the creator of the books and may seem like the most unexpected individual that would originate such material. A simple mother and wife who attended a regular day job in England began her journey by writing fan fiction for the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer. James states she would write on her BlackBerry while riding the train to work and eventually had her first draft of Fifty Shades of Grey finished. The author heavily deviated from the Twilight series as she kept writing and that is how her story was created.

James meshes steamy sex scenes into a unique love story that allows readers to escape into a fantasy most have never known before. The embracing of such explicit sexuality in the masses is a rather unexpected turn as it could be seen as improvement due to the public being exposed to more than their own circle of comfort, thus accepting levels of sexuality previously deemed taboo.

Dornan brought to light the fact that acts of BDSM are more prominent than most people realize. After much research on the scene for his role in the film, Dornan speaks out to inform the public that nearly every city in the world has its own BDSM scene. What is more, is that the actor says there are more men that serve in the submissive role and more women in the dominant. Powerful men in the world often take to BDSM to acquire a sense of submissiveness that is unknown to them in their daily lives. Fifty Shades initially features Dornan’s Christian Grey as a dominant partner, one who also serves as a mentor to the naïve Anastasia Steele (played by Dakota Johnson) and takes audiences on an intricate love story that has previously been unseen by the masses.

Jamie Dornan proved to have much validity in his defending of Fifty Shades of Grey’s content, as the story is made to showcase sexual equality, not sexism. The film opens on February 13, just in time for the Valentine’s Day season.

By Cody Collier

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