Chad Kroeger Slams Justin Bieber, Says Fame Was Wasted on Him


Chad Kroeger, lead singer of popular Canadian rock band Nickleback, has spoken out about his feelings regarding fellow countryman Justin Bieber, who he says wasted his opportunity at becoming a huge success in order to make reckless decisions and act in an unacceptable manner. The 40-year-old Kroeger sat down with NXFM radio on Friday for an over-the-phone interview, and did not beat around the bush when the subject of the 20-year-old pop star was brought up.

Kroeger admitted that, in the beginning, he had high hopes for Bieber in terms of both his potential and the greatness he could achieve for the Canadian music scene. However, Kroeger believes that the singer has squandered this potential over the years by choosing to “be cool” rather than actually commit to music and to being a respectable artist overall. Kroeger even went so far as to say that he fully believes that the former on-again-off-again boyfriend of Selena Gomez will one day look back on his life and be “ashamed” at the things he has done and the people he has hurt. As for why Kroeger thinks that Bieber went down this path and created such a long-lasting trend of self-destruction, the rocker believes that it can be fully attributed to becoming famous too fast at far too young an age.

Essentially, Kroeger believes that Bieber got ahead of himself in terms of just how much power he was handed starting from the mere age of 13 (manager Scooter Braun discovered the singer via an accidental YouTube click back in 2007, and he was quickly set up for fame and organized to sing with mega-superstar Usher almost immediately following being moved to Atlanta to start recording music. Kroeger likens the amount of high-status entry the singer received on an almost instant basis to that of being given “the keys to the kindgom” and says that those who were in charge of mentoring him should have thought a little bit harder about whether or not this was such a good idea given his lack of experience as a celebrity and not quite yet developed mindset.

One of the biggest mistakes that Kroeger thinks the record company and managers made regarding the Ontario native was in reference to how much money he was allowed to have at his disposal with absolutely no restrictions on what could or should be done with it and how it was used. By doing this, Kroeger continues in the interview, it was almost guaranteed that the Baby hit-maker was going to spiral out of control due to the overwhelming amount of fame and fortune he had at his liberty without anyone really there to guide him or put limits on the actions he chose to take part in.

Justin Bieber has not yet responded to Chad Kroeger’s recent statements regarding what he feels was a waste of an opportunity to do something great both for himself and the Canadian music scene. The singer has, as of late, been mostly keeping to himself and reportedly attempting to change his reputation into something more respected and valued than he has been known for over the years.

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