Emma Watson Denies Dating Prince Harry, Gives Public Media Advice


Harry Potter star Emma Watson has taken to Twitter to address the recent rumors that she is dating royal family member Prince Harry, and she is adamantly denying there being any legitimacy to the claims whatsoever. In fact, the actress went as far as to take it upon herself to give the public somewhat of a lesson in believing every media story that they hear, which she believes is quite foolish especially given that her fans already know firsthand that everything a newspaper publishes about her is less than verifiably true.

Watson took to Twitter on Sunday morning to give due notice to said speculation, by way of a tweet detailing her somewhat disappointment that her followers would so easily believe something written online without going one step further to at least question it. Watson mentioned that her fans had already seen that they could not trust everything they had seen or read about her in the media in past history, and therefore she was slightly surprised that they would be so ready as to accept the first rumor that came their way in terms of who she was dating as per an unknown and alleged “source” who was spreading the story around.

In this, Watson is seemingly referring to the incident a few years ago in which supposed naked photographs of herself were circulated around the internet, this being when Watson had first begun attending Brown university. The pictures turned out to be 100 percent false, but this news was not confirmed before Watson had suffered a ruined reputation and therefore chose to drop out of university in order to avoid any more unwanted publicity and hatred from those who took it upon themselves to attack her verbally for the alleged nude photos in question.

The aforementioned speculation of Watson and Prince Harry having engaged in a union somewhat imploded the internet this past Friday, quickly becoming a worldwide trending topic and sparking multiple discussions about what this could mean in terms of the royal family’s future and the like. The story itself came from an alleged source that stated Harry and Watson had been secretly dating for some time, and that their relationship blossomed following an email the royal sent the actress expressing his interest in meeting up with her and going on a date in order to get to know her better and see where their future could possibly go.

The source stated that Watson accepted this offer, and that the pair’s first date also contained 12 of Harry’s friends. The reason for this supposedly related back to the prince’s want for Watson to not feel uncomfortable or put on the spot during their encounter, as well as to prove that he was not stuck up or stuffy in any way. The date was allegedly a success, and the alleged couple saw each other regularly after that. Prince Harry supposedly told those around him that he had never felt the same way about anyone else as he did about Watson following the beginning of their courtship.

Harry Potter fans and fans of the alleged union alike will undoubtedly be disappointed that Prince Harry and Emma Watson are not, in fact, dating. Fans of the book series began a series of highly publicized memes making irony of the fact that if the two were actually involved, any child they had could rightfully be dubbed a “Half-Blood Prince” (the title of the sixth book in J.K. Rowling’s internationally acclaimed book and movie series.)

By Rebecca Grace

Sydney Morning Herald
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