Metal Band Barbarion Says Guy Sebastian Will Be ‘Destroyed’ at Eurovision

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Australian metal band Barbarion, nationally infamous for their viking attire and wild stage antics, have given their opinion that country representative Guy Sebastian will be ‘destroyed’ at 2015’s Eurovision Song Contest. The band’s bass player says that the 33-year-old does not stand a chance again any of the other 39 competitors vying for their shot at international glory on the Vienna, Austria stage.

Labeling the Battle Scars singer as being akin to a “beige colored-volvo full of Subway rolls”, Barbarion member Yuri Palinov says that while the group has come to accept the fact that Sebastian was chosen over them to represent Australia on May 23 (they then proceeded to make a quip regarding their feeling that the decision should have been decided via an axe battle of sorts), it still remains their wish that the country had chosen someone more original and less bland for the once-in-a-lifetime honor of competing in the competition.

In an open letter posted on Facebook, Barbarion put Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) on blast and called them out for failing to produce diversity when it was needed most. The members of Barbarion are of the feeling that, while SBS normally does a good job in promoting and encouraging local music acts on a worldwide scale if possible, this time they chose to sell out on the basis of record sales and popularity alone.

Barbarion made it clear that their issue is not with Sebastian’s vocal ability, which they do not hesitate to admit are certainly up to par, but with the fact that Eurovision is not simply about stand-up vocals and the ability to perform a song by hitting all the notes correctly. As Palinov put it, the once a year stage show represents a “world full of high-camp theatrics” and “bonkers mayhem”. Barbarion simply does not believe that Sebastian has anything special going for him other than his vocals, and that he will fail miserably when pit with performers who actually know how to perform and put some sense of variety into their act. In choosing Sebastian, Barbarion insists that SBS managed to completely miss the point of what Eurovision is about, and therefore it was a wasted choice.

Barbarion is not the first, nor will it likely be the last, to criticize the broadcasting company’s choosing Sebastian to represent the country in ESC 2015. Indeed, in the days shortly following the announcement, the singer was subject to dozens of tweets and social media updates detailing nation member’s discontent at him performing for them in Vienna. Many even went so far as to say that it made them ashamed of Australia, going on to start various petitions to revoke Sebastian’s nomination entirely and choose someone more ‘worthy’ and up to the task of making the country proud.

In a separate statement given to Faifax Media, Barbarion went on to state their primary concern was Sebastian winding up getting captured and eaten by more ‘carnivorous’ competitors such as the Montenegro entry. They also voiced fear regarding the Russians destilling him into crude vodka. Apparently, the singer’s physique and chosen garb make him not cut out for strenuous competition, with the band going on to pass opinion that Sebastian is far too thin.

It is not yet known how Guy Sebastian feels regarding viking metal band Barbarion taking a shot at his ability to represent Australia in 2015’s Eurovision Song Contest. The singer has yet to pass comment, although he has previously stated that the criticism regarding his being chosen does not affect him in the slightest as there is far more positivity in terms of negativity regarding people’s opinion on the matter.

By Rebecca Grace


Sydney Morning Herald


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