Donald Trump Wants to Build a Wall Between U.S. And Mexico


Business guru Donald Trump says one of the first things he would do as president is build a massive wall between the U.S. and Mexico to stop illegal immigration. His comments first came out in a speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit in January and subsequent interviews, but were brought out again in recent interviews regarding his intentions to run for president.

Trump began new media rounds in March and has since agreed to more interviews after creating an exploratory committee on a possible campaign. An announcement is due in mid June regarding any candidacy. Many political pundits are not taking his statements regarding seeking the highest office seriously because he has made similar overtones several times in the past.

However, his media presence is giving him air time regarding building a wall. Trump said he was disheartened to know that America’s borders are so easily violated.  He said his wall would be better.

“I will build the best wall, the biggest, the strongest, not penetrable, they won’t be crawling over it, like giving it a little jump and they’re over the wall, it costs us trillions,” he said in one interview.

The billionaire said he knows something about building a wall because he has orchestrated construction of large buildings all over the globe. The businessman said, for him, building a wall is easy.

Trump said in his most recent interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network that Mexico would pay for the wall. He has not consulted with Mexican officials about this, but that would be his plan if he were elected President of the United States.

He said Mexico would be required to pay for the wall because the country has “ripped off” this country and has taken advantage of the United States at the border and economically.  The presidential hopeful does not, however, go into details about how he would force Mexico to pay for such an extensive project. He did guarantee that the United States would no longer have an illegal immigration problem.

While some are scoffing at Trump’s hints that he is legitimately considering a White House bid, there are some indications he may be more serious this time around than he was when talk circulated in 2012. He created an exploratory committee in March and is staffing personnel in several key primary campaign states. He has planned what he terms as “a major announcement” at his Trump Tower in New York City on June 16 and plans to make a trip to New Hampshire the following day. New Hampshire is a key primary campaign state that is on every candidates must-visit list.  The businessman also said he was “very much inclined” to run this time, which shows more interest from the billionaire than in previous election cycles.

Trump has been highly critical of President Barack Obama’s handling of national defense, ranging from illegal immigration to dealing with terrorist groups. The billionaire spoke to the issue in a recent interview and stated he had a sure plan to deal with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, known as the jihadist terrorist group ISIS, but would not elaborate. The potential candidate said he would not want America’s enemies to know his plan, but terrorists would be defeated efficiently, quickly, and with an absolute victory.

So far, Trump’s media rounds have centered on the idea of re-establishing America’s prominence in the world. He trademarked the popular GOP slogan “Make America Great Again.” For Trump, part of that effort is in restoring this country’s security, which for the businessman, begins at the Mexican border.  Trump believes the only way to do establish border security is to build a massive wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

By Melody Dareing


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Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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  5. c richardson   June 12, 2016 at 4:11 pm

    BUILD A WALL???? WHAT IS THIS CHINA? If we build a god dang wall, then they may not see their families again. And what do you have against Mexicans? What have they done? You are a disgrace! YOU ARE PUNISHING MEXICANS THAT DID NOTHING! NOTHING. What if there were Mexicans here? They couldn’t get home if they wanted to go back. PLEASE make a better decision. And get a good reason to build a wall, like war or something. Jeez….

    A 5th grader

  6. KJ   March 2, 2016 at 10:56 am


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  8. cynica   June 19, 2015 at 2:41 pm

    I think this wall is a good start. then I would start at the southern coast of California and go all the way to northern Washington, then west along the Canadian border, east to the atlantic ocean, and then south to the tip of floridan and then back west to intersect the wall between usa and mexico.

  9. Mare   June 18, 2015 at 7:18 am

    As TRUE American? EVERYONE is talking about this today! Trump as WAY more support than the liberal media is comfy with. Hell YES build a freaken wall IS THE STANCE!!! Next is DEPORT THE DIRTY MEXICAN TRASH by the truckloads!!! Line that wall with military and SHOOT anyone who tries to climb over. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT!! Finally someone who KNOWS what the REAL Americans want! He is not afraid to be outspoken and HONEST!!!!

  10. John   June 17, 2015 at 5:02 am

    First, I must say, I like the U.S. But this is going too far. Donald Trump wanting to build a wall between them and Mexico, because of drugs and prostitutes. There is an inherent flaw in this statement. Completely Wacko. If the U.S is not careful, they just might find themselves alienated from the world, but maybe that’s what they want. The Americans for strange reason seem to have this facade or delusion that they are gods gift to the world.

    Trump is an “Exceedingly silly man.” That may be an under statement!!


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