Mother’s Day Honors the Continuum of Motherhood

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Mother's DayOn the second Sunday of May countries around the world will honor mothers as they celebrate Mother’s Day. This day is recognized in many countries such as Australia, Denmark, Turkey, Italy, Finland and of course, the United States of America. It is not for a select few, but honors a wide spectrum of women and the wide continuum of motherhood.

Motherhood is a close reflection of the image of God because it mandates unconditional love, care and sacrifice. There are many women who may not have the “goods” but definitely have the parts or the heart of a mother. These are the women who have not actually brought forth new life into the world, but have nurtured many children on their path, provided a safety net and the love that some might not have realized otherwise.

Believe it or not there are just as many reasons for women not to love Mother’s Day as much as those who do. Some women were forced into motherhood and this day is nothing more than a reminder of a difficult experience while others may have children who they feel have been nothing but a disgrace to their parenthood.  There are mothers who have lost a child and are left to grieve with others who are living with the pain of a mother gone-too-soon. This day is established to honor them all.

Mother’s Day honors the mother who gave birth to her first child this year but also mourns with the woman who lost a child through tragedy, miscarriage, or even failed adoptions. It celebrates those women who have fostered children and/or been mentors to a child; whether naturally or spiritually and to those who are step moms, spiritual moms, foster moms, and mentor moms. For those women who desire to be a mom but have been forced to walk the hard path of infertility complete with years of disappointment and tears – Happy Mother’s Day!Mother's Day

This is not just a day to celebrate the mom who seemingly did everything right, but for those who have learned as they went along. Some mothers have very close relationships with their children while others may have heartache, disappointment and distance with their children. Perhaps, motherhood was not the joyous ride one may have dreamed it would be and their children suffered abuse at their hands, some have had to journey through a host of tests and trials, but nonetheless they brought a wonderful child into the world. Happy Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day celebrates a wide spectrum of women. Some mothers have found themselves single and perhaps long to be married, or divorced after a tumultuous union and others are unfortunately widowed.  If only for one day, do not exhaust it mourning what could or should have been, instead celebrate the wonder of what remains.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mom who is on the brink of an empty nest and for those who selflessly (or forcefully) put their child up for adoption. To the women who are pregnant with the gift of life inside them, whether planned or by utter “surprise,” this day is celebratory of the expectation on the inside.

However the experience came to be, the world wants to pause and celebrate motherhood, realizing it is not for the faint of heart but for those who are strong in spirit. It is a full-time position that rarely allows for the removal of the “Wonder Woman” cape. It is selfless, full of sacrifice and often one of the most thankless jobs.

Perhaps, no one will call or send flowers; maybe no reservations will be made at that favorite restaurant, it does not matter, this day is still in honor of women far and wide. So, whether the woman has birthed a child, mentored one, or by any other means helped a young person navigate life, the celebration is inclusive.  The second Sunday in May is not for a select few, but honors a wide spectrum of women and the wide continuum of motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day to mother’s young and old.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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