NASA Addresses Doomsday Prediction by Comet Strike in September 2015



NASA has been forced to address the latest doomsday prediction by an impending 2.5-mile comet strike in the month of September 2015. The claim was initially made by the self-proclaimed prophet named Rev Efrain Rodriguez. He said that a very large asteroid or a comet will hit Earth either on September 15, 22 or 28 or any other day in between. He also claimed that the location of the comet strike will be around the region close to Puerto Rico. The impact will set in motion a series of events taking place simultaneously in various parts of the world like triggering earthquakes, causing a tsunami, and volcano eruptions.

The final prediction is that the experiments being conducted at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will go beyond our control. This will cause the eventual destruction of Earth and wipe out humanity from the face of our planet. He further confirmed that the entire U.S. east coast, Latin American nations, Mexico, and some countries in South America will be completely destroyed. He advised NASA to issue a warning about the comet strike so that people presently living in the areas that will be affected, can be relocated to safer places.

NASAThe claims made by Rodriguez have gone viral creating an atmosphere of panic among many people. The radical claim of many biblical theorists is that a massive asteroid or comet, large enough to spell the end of the human race, is about to collide with Earth. Although the details are still a little fuzzy and the claims lack credentials, the massive popularity of the prediction has forced NASA to respond. The agency has clarified that the world will not end in September 2015, and humanity will not be destroyed. It has also been stated that the possibility of such a major collision with a comet or a large asteroid is negligible. NASA has addressed the latest prediction of apocalypse by an approaching comet strike in the month of September 2015 and dismissed the theory as unfounded.

A spokesperson from NASA said that the agency is not aware of and is not tracking any comet or asteroid which is on a collision course with Earth in the month of September 2015. In fact, the spokesperson went on to say that as per the tracking information available to NASA at this moment, no large comet or asteroid is expected to strike Earth for the next several hundred years. However, many theorists are claiming that governments of many leading countries around the world have information and knowledge about the comet strike. They claim that a contingency plan is being prepared, which will make sure that the elite ruling class is protected.

It is believed that the governments are keeping the information about this comet strike secret, to allow the more affluent class to be ready and to prevent mass panic. Claims are being made all over that the U.S. government could possibly form an alliance with other Western powers, and that all industrial nations will come together. Some suggest that the secret world government will finally reveal itself. Connections to an all-powerful group named Bilderberg Group are also suggested by many.

Other accounts of such apocalyptic theories are being shared online and are gaining a lot of traction with many people agreeing that the event would bring about a climatic catastrophe. Some people have claimed that the actual doomsday will be caused due to Cern’s LHC. They say that the logo of Cern is the number ‘666’, which is the sign of the devil. Others say that it is the sign of the beast in the circle. They go on to claim that the Cern collider looks like ‘stargate’ or ‘the all seeing eye’ that they find in many places around the world. For now, NASA has addressed and contradicted the prediction of apocalypse by an impending comet strike in the month of September 2015.

By Ankur Sinha

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Photo Courtesy of Ben Sutherland’s Flickr Page-Creative Commons License

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  6. I found everything on utube , couldn’t you all post something telling people it isn’t true. People do not trust the government and Obama anymore and will believe anything they here. Thanks

  7. As Emperor of the USA ( REAL NAME OF USA CHANGED TO UNITED STATES of TURTLE ISLAND back in 1996) as a presidential candidate in 2015-16 I am obscured from any
    Large media coverage which shows the same kind of PREJUDICE THE black race gets which is a gigantic disservice to the human race as a whole so if comets or asteroids strike the EARTH good ridden human jerks for the continuing damages still being cause bt your evil tax paying idiots to the women who show no real intelligent interest except to MONEY &
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  8. Hahaha and next someone will start saying this is why the FEMA camps and coffins….
    I’m sorry I don’t believe any of this. Only god knows when he will send Jesus back to earth.

  9. The only part of this story that makes any sense, is that IF this story were true, I doubt very much that any government would inform us about our impending doom. Especially if there is nothing we can do about it. What would be the value-prop of informing the public, other than having new issues to deal with: Security, Riots, Violence, etc…

  10. If we are not warned on purpose, the self imposed elite gods, better pray we dont survive.Our revenge will be worse than the comet!

  11. If it is the end then just live your lives the best you can! There is nothing more you can do then that! Stop freaking everyone out and making it so they cant go on with out worrying or maybe you just need to make your bucket list so you have something better to do!

  12. A solar storm shall hit the earth and not a Comet. And this event will be heralded by a preceding Earth event in the form of a nuclear accident in North Korea and not at all at CERN. When will this take place? Can’t really say, but following the NK incident…

  13. O.K. Does any intelligent person feel relieved after reading this??
    What would you expect NASA to say?

    1. They wouldn’t release information of it until it was days before, and was imminent; the CDS does the same thing with epidemics. The reason why is because they’d try to deal with it without having the interference of wide spread hysteria.

      So you’re exactly right. NASA has a team dedicated to spending every day watching for any potential meteors. We would have known an asteroid collision would be imminent years before it happened.


  15. The final prediction is that the experiments being conducted at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will go beyond our control. This will cause the eventual destruction of Earth and wipe out humanity from the face of our planet. (1) This will not happen, anyone who knows their binle knows that there is no end of the world. Yes, Revelation does speak of a comet or astroid striking the earth but it doesn’t mean anniahilation. They say that the logo of Cern is the number ‘666’, which is the sign of the devil, (2) 666 is the number of a man according to revelation 13 not the devil, the mark of the anti Christ (instead of Christ). This pridictions are wrong, of that I’m sure.

  16. Jesus, forgive me for my sins. Come live in my heart, heal my brokenness and diseases. Let me live the rest of my life serving and loving You, along with helping others. Thank you Jesus for saving me.

  17. plus there will be a blood moon between 18-28 of September NASA stop lieing to us that it will not happen we all know the world will soon end as predicted in the bible

  18. Did you really think NASA would declare to the world that this event is TRUE. Needless to say, they would totally deny the entire story. The answer is simple, THE ENTIRE WORKING WORLD would SHUT DOWN the day following the knowledge that this is TRUTH. Ask yourself, would you have a desire to continue going to work? Not hardly, and everyone else would likewise desire to spend their closing days with family and friends. The economy would bottom out,…totally! Would you follow through on your plans to buy that new car, that new house, clothing, etc,etc,etc? Of course not! Those with money would desire to buy food each day, but where can you find a market that is open for service? The markets would be out of business,….where would they get the food supplies? Trucks, need drivers, and who wants to travel hundreds of miles? Who desires even picking the crop? If this is true, the governments of the world have been notified the moment this event was spotted, a few years before it would hit planet earth. If Sept 2015 is the zero hour, why publish this on coming event a few years out, and cause all the above, at that early point of time. Wait, until we are a few months out before the event strikes, this would greatly limit the hardship of all of the above.

  19. I will not be dying to a comet and I’m sure as hell not giving my life to some hispanic dude that owns several respectable local restaurant establishments.

  20. Jesus is fine, folks, do turn to him, but forget these ridiculous claims that the world will end in september, and ESPECIALLY by a comet! Where is this comet? It would be cleasrly visible to everyone if it were so close that it would hit in september..

  21. we are living in the end days.. Repent and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and savior of our life. all thing on earth are just temporal. Eternal life is the most important. Spread God words and be the way to soul win others.God bless

  22. f ot does happen, people should be ready! Also be ready for Jesus.People give your life to Jesus! Repent in Jesus name!

  23. 666 means incorrect information the beast was given the number because his information is wrong.

  24. There are a lot of people who sre legitimately crazy. They all believe this gibberish.

      1. This would be revelation chapter 8 which is after the rapture … Take shelter in Jesus alone. Amen

        1. Could you try to be just a little bit stupider? I need another laugh today. Thanks in advance!

  25. stop going to jesus. The world will end when the world ends. stop trying to scare people into accepting jesus.. its very disrespectful

  26. If you are a Christian, Just be prepared!!!! If there are people told about Noah’s Flood and there are a number of people knew the birth of Christ THEN the second coming will be something of that sort………………..JUST BE PREPARED!!!

  27. People can say what they want but no one I repeat NO ONE knows when the world will end! It could end tomorrow or twenty years from now for all we know. I’m just tired of so many people trying to make predictions you would think after everything that was supposed to happen in “2012” didn’t happen that people would give it a rest. I mean come on people let it go stop trying to predict it.

  28. Just saying NASA has already confirmed they are tracking near earth object that could hit earth 13 years after it flys over in 2029. Just saying they lied here. Doubt we will be hit in September. But look at the skies in September there will be a 4th blood moon 23 of September which is highly rare. And could mean there is a perterber in our solar system.

    1. Im pretty sure September comes way after June. It’s not suppose to happen until September 2015 (this year)

      1. I didn’t believe that this Will happen, children of God, please don’t panic.

  29. If and when the end comes, it doesn’t really matter. We are all beings with souls that will be reincarnated anyways. So life as I know it may end…but I’ll be back! (No pun intended)

  30. i say that it wont happen I am druid priest and yes there is an end prophecy but it is stead to be long after humans the sun will be come a grate beast long after the time of man my elders translated it the sun will go super nova archly 20 million years after humans i am sticking with ancient text hell my ancients built stone hedge and its only a fraction off what it was so I am believing our scrols

    1. Why do people waste their time on the internet?it’s. so much a waste of precious time! we all die & that’s a Fact! Just try & live your life when death arrives for you that’s that, if there happens tobe a darkmatter or leftover darkenergy existence of you only you will know about &if there isn’t, well at least you all got to exist.

  31. Funny how disinformation artists mix the truth with lies. This isn’t going to be a comet strike or in sept 2015, but most of the stuff is true. Caused by a rogue planet in our solar system the government has yet to admit. You can see it at sunrise and sunset. Red, about as big as the moon.

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