‘Rookie Blue’ Is Back Again and Getting More Dramatic Than Ever

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Rookie Blue
The Canadian police drama television series Rookie Blue starring Missy Peregrym and Gregory Smith is back again for its sixth season and is getting more dramatic than ever! Unlike the previous five seasons, Season 6 of Rookie Blue is about to bring new changes that might possibly be the end of five years of the groundbreaking series.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tassie Cameron, the creator of the series, said the idea they are trying to explore this season, is that although life is not a fairytale, there is still room for happy endings. Which is what audience will notice in the relationships between different characters in the series. Then aside to those relationships, a serial of crimes starts taking place from within the division, which is different to what people pictured, so the episodes goes on showing whether “15 district” will be able to overcome it as a team.

In Season 6, Andy and Sam will return to work from their much-needed vacation after the evidence room bombing. This is only to find out Andy got attacked by an intruder from behind while on the phone with Sam who was calling to inform her of the baby he was about to expect from Marlo his ex. “Put simply, it’s going to be incredibly complicated,” said Missy to Entertainment Tonight.

When asked about the drama surrounding Sam and Andy’s life, Tassie replied that the baby drama adds an interesting dilemma and an interesting obstacle to their life. They have worked so hard to reach this trust, strength in their relationship, overcome the challenges they faced since the beginning of their journey. If there is any moment where they can face the storm, it is now. It is not easy. But Andy is a very idealistic person, Sam is a good person as well, and they did a lot to make it work, so they are not going to give up. Rookie Blue seems to be getting more dramatic than ever this season in the sense of relationship depth that is being introduced in the series this year.

About Marlo’s baby, Missy told Star Pulse: it’s a new situation the couple is not familiar with. “This is another little being that is being brought into the world. And it’s a really serious situation to evaluate because you want to make sure that the right thing is done for this child,” says Missy. This season seems to be getting more dramatic than ever also in the sense of exploring human nature from a different perspective than last season.

About her expectations for the next season, Peregrym said she has no idea whether there will be another season or not. Every year they go through this where there’ll be episodes that air and hopefully they will know soon if they will be going back. she added, it really could go either way.

Rookie Blue sixth season is premiered to start back as a second half for the 22 episode fifth series in Canada on Global on Thursday, 21 of May. Rookie Blue premieres in the United States on ABC on Thursday June 25 at 10 p.m.

By Ahmed Hafez

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