Bill Cosby Is Innocent Till Proven Roofies


The first African-American actor to star in his own television drama and has now become the face of date rape, Bill Cosby, believe it or not, is innocent till proven guilty of the roofie rape accusations. In recent news, one of Cosby’s accusers asked a federal judge to unseal an entire 2005 case, which says the actor obtained quaaludes or “roofies” with the intent to have sex with the woman.

Roofie is a drug that works by depressing the central nervous system. The drug is not approved in the U.S. but is legal to create in other parts of the world. Rohypnol is often used in combination with other drugs and becomes the catalyst of sexual assault. Roofies have no color, smell or taste, making it difficult for a person to know they are being drugged. Most victims of the drug experience weakness and confusion. The clueless victim eventually passes out and wakes up not knowing what happened, according to


The actress Barbara Bowman, who accused the pudding pop king, said she was 17 years old at the time of the alleged rape, in 1985. Bowman also said that the actor brainwashed her into trusting him and assaulted her on many occasions. During one incident, the victim said that she blacked out after dinner and a glass of wine at the comedian’s apartment. When the victim woke up, she was in her panties and Cosby’s oversized t-shirt. Advised by her lawyers she settled for the money and Cosby remained free from any criminal charges.

Hollywood stars and politicians have backed off their support of the Fat Albert  star, including Whoopi Goldberg. On Goldberg’s show, The View, she spoke to legal expert Dan Abrams and asked,”Why is a serial rapist still on the street?” It was a question that America, and thousands of rape victims deserved to have answered. Abrams told the female panel that Cosby can not be taken to court over the alleged rape because of the Statute of Limitation Law. Until then, Bill Cosby will be innocent until proven guilty of the roofie allegations. In relation to the allegations, Goldberg’s last words heard in over two million televised households were “innocent until proven guilty.”

The Statute of Limitation Law is a time limit in which a person has to file a claim. If the time expires, the person who is seeking to press charges is prohibited from doing so. Goldberg is not the only celebrity to sound off on the I Spy star. Joseph C. Phillips, who played LT. Martin Kendall on the Cosby Show says that even though he has admired his co-star, he does not doubt the accusations. President Obama, without really shouting it out, said the actor’s Presidential Medal of Freedom would not be revoked, but also stood by his no-tolerance for rape.

The Statute of Limitation Law did not help former NFL safety Darren Sharper, who was indicted on rape charges in December. The Pro Bowler was charged with rape in Las Vegas, and used roofies to drug his victims. He struck a plea deal to settle all of the five rape cases in different states. Bill Cosby is innocent till proven guilty because, unfortunately, the roofies and time have dissolved.

Commentary by Phillip Hernandez


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