‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Preview Trailer Shown at Comic-Con [Video]

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Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead, the much-anticipated prequel, of sorts, to The Walking Dead, premiered a trailer from the upcoming AMC series at the San Diego Comic-Con on Friday in Hall H. The series will focus on the origins of the epidemic that caused the walker/zombie holocaust and its aftermath as depicted in the AMC series.

The Walking Dead, making it a prequel, though it will not feature the same characters as are on The Walking Dead. Instead, the series will primarily focus on the struggles and efforts of one particular dysfunctional family at understanding what is going on and surviving as the walker holocaust unfolds around them.

The Fear the Walking Dead panel at the San Diego Comic-Con began with a video clip from the series, which can be seen below. According to Dave Erickson, the show runner for the AMC series, Fear the Walking Dead is a family drama. The walker apocalypse is filtered through the dynamics of the family trying to continue to exist as a cohesive unit despite society crumbling around them and life, as they knew it, changing forever.

The five-member family that will be central to Fear the Walking Dead will be composed of Travis (Cliff Curtis), the father of his teen son, Chris, played by Lorenzo James Henrie. Travis is engaged to Madison, played by actress Kim Dickens. She is a single mother to teenagers Nick, played by Frank Dillane, and Alicia, who will be played by Alycia Debnam-Carey.

Both Madison and Travis work at the high school where viewers will see people coming down with the devastating illness. In the clip, Travis’ son, Nick, is the first one of the family who has a run-in with walkers.

Fear the Walking Dead

At first, nobody in the clip believes Nick when he tells them what he has seen, and he is accused of being on drugs. However, with the walker epidemic’s continued spread and people getting chomped on right and left, soon the reality of what Nick has seen hits home with all of his family members.

During the Comic-Con panel, Erickson stated that the audience will know where the show’s outbreak is coming from but the characters will have to figure out things for themselves. Just like with The Walking Dead, the characters of the series and how the walker epidemic changes them will be the heart of the show.

Chris Hardwick was the panel’s moderator. He is also the host of The Talking Dead, a show which follows The Walking Dead in the United States and has guests on it, offering their comments about each episode. There will be a scheduled autograph signing event held on Saturday July 11, at the Hilton San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Hotel’s Starlight Terrace where fans can meet the cast and producers of Fear the Walking Dead and get their autographs from 1:00-2:00 p.m.

Besides Erickson, other people behind The Walking Dead have been hard at work at making the new series one that fans will enjoy. Robert Kirkman is one of the main people behind both series, being the creator of The Walking Dead and writing and producing many episodes of it.

Fear the Walking Dead, which had a preview trailer from it shown Friday at the San Diego Comic-Con, will be set in Los Angeles. The prequel will premiere Sunday, August 23rd at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. The pilot episode will be an extended 90-minute one, while the rest of the season will have hour-long episodes. Fear the Walking Dead will launch in the UK shortly following the worldwide premiere. Timing will be announced soon.. If the rest of the first episode of Fear the Walking Dead is anything like the clip, below, which was first show at the San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, the premiere should prove to be a pretty intense viewing experience.

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