Prince’s Death a Conspiracy After Exposing the Illuminati? [Video]

PrinceRock-N-Roll legend and musical genius Prince Rogers Nelson is dead at 57. The singer was found unresponsive in an elevator at his Paisley Park studio yesterday morning. He was later pronounced dead after attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful. There are no concrete details as to the cause of death at this time. His mysterious death comes after an interview exposing the Illuminati and chemtrails causing some to question if a conspiracy exists.

Was the musical idol murdered in an Illuminati Blood Sacrifice satanic ritual for exposing chemtrails on live television? It has long been said that Prince was affiliated with the secret group.  The Purple Rain singer often wore Illuminati all-seeing eye symbols and allegedly the name of his band, Third Eye Girl, (styled as 3rdeyegirl), was due to his affiliation with this private organization of high-profile members.

When speaking about the New World Order, Illuminati, chemtrails, and a supposed global manipulation, the singer said that everyone is simply servants and slaves on a plantation. In 2013, Prince said he believed Obama means well, but because he is a Jehovah’s Witness he does not vote. While dropping knowledge during the interview the singer recalled what he said was literal aggression when witnessing chemtrails as a youngster. A lot of things were mentioned that commoners in society had never heard of.

Is Prince’s death a conspiracy after exposing the Illuminati and chemtrails? While some feel it is a huge possibility, others have shot the idea down. One person who feels the idea of a conspiracy theory is nonsense said:

Sadly, Americans have somehow fallen victim to ‘Conspiracy Theories.’ It is pervasive, destructive, and mostly endemic among non-intellectuals. They comprise 90% of the nation so it is a major problem. The ignorant are expending social and psychic energy on those destructive conspiracy beliefs when they would be better served by thinking about reality. I do not understand where this conspiracy mindset comes from. It is not in the other 22 countries in which I have lived.

Oddly enough, just a couple of months ago the singer’s former protégé, Denise “Vanity” Matthews of the group Vanity 6 also died at age 57. Matthews dedicated her life to the Christian faith in the mid-1990s calling it quits with the entertainment industry. As an evangelist and devout Christian, Matthews spoke with disdain of her former Princecareer, with claims that it had been a miserable time in her life. Was her death a conspiracy because of the connection with Prince?

Born into a musical family, Prince began singing at the age of seven and as a teenager, the artist signed to Warner Brother Records. Throughout his professional career, the singer won seven Grammy Awards and in 2004, was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. His longtime rival in the entertainment industry was the late Michael Jackson.  People called both men musical geniuses who were unparalleled.  Unlike MJ, the International Lover singer was known for being a “diva” and throwing shade.  When speaking of Jackson’s Bad album, Prince said:

Michael Jackson’s album was only called ‘Bad’ because there was not enough room on the sleeve for pathetic.

The news of his death comes just days after his last concert on Thursday. According to his rep, the legend had been battling illness for some time. On the way home from Atlanta on Friday, his flight had to make an emergency stop in Illinois where the musical genius was rushed to a local hospital. He was treated with the flu and within three hours, released.

On the following Saturday, Prince, who wanted to prove that he was alive and well, played for a small group of fans at Paisley Park. It seemed as if he was indeed feeling much better. However, less than a week later the musician was found dead. With a versatile singing style which seamlessly flowed from the highest falsetto to the deepest baritone, Prince has singlehandedly influenced an entire generation of artists.  Even still, the question remains, “Is Prince’s death a conspiracy after exposing the Illuminati and chemtrails?”

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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