4 Reasons Why ‘Lost Girl’ Was a Great Series [Video]

Lost Girl

The Canadian series “Lost Girl” is a supernatural/fantasy drama that premiered Sept. 12, 2010, on Showcase. The television show ran for five seasons. The series followed its main character, a bisexual succubus named Bo, played by Anna Silk. It aired on the Syfy channel, in the U.S., Jan. 16, 2012. It has a running time of 44 minutes.

“Lost Girl” starts with Bo not knowing she is a succubus. Only that she ends up killing people if she engages in any sexual activities with them. A succubus kills its victims by sucking out their life force, aka Chi. Each episode opens up with a voice-over monolog, in which Bo summarizes her story:

Life is hard when you don’t know who you are. It’s harder when you don’t know what you are. My love carries a death sentence. I was lost for years, searching while hiding; only to find that I belong to a world hidden from humans. I won’t hide anymore. I will live the life I choose.

The first episode of “Lost Girl” shows the succubus bartending and watching a man put a drug in a girl’s drink named Kenzi, played by Ksenia Solo. Bo saves her from being raped. The young girl convinces Bo to team up with her and save humans and Fae alike. Together they create a detective agency.

“Lost Girl” moves along quickly and Bo, who had been adopted by a human family, learns who she is after being unaware of her non-human nature all of her life. The Dark and Light Fae captures Bo and forces her to fight in a choosing ceremony. If she wins, she gets to pick which side she wants to be on. However, Bo declares herself unaligned after, the very human, Kenzi risks her life to find and save her.

Reason #1 Bo the Succubus

Lost Girl“Lost Girl” would not be the same without this beauty as its protagonist. Not only is she a soul-sucking goddess who fights evil, she is also bisexual. A succubus by nature is deemed to be a Lilin-demon in female form. She, in folklore, appears in people’s dreams to seduce men through sexual activity.

However, Bo walks in waking hours, beguiling the senses of all those around her. She meets a detective named Dyson, played by Kris Holden-Ried, who is a Light Fae wolf shapeshifter. When Bo finds out he can heal her and not be killed in the process, a relationship between the two is sparked.

But, being the succubus she is her hunger is insatiable, and those around her are immediately attracted to her, except for her best friend Kenzi. Bo also catches the eye of the very human doctor and scientist Lauren, who is in servitude of the Light Fae, played by Zoie Palmer.

After the Norn took away Dyson’s ability to feel passion and love for Bo, in exchange for giving the succubus the strength to defeat Aife, played by Inga Cadranel, she began a relationship with Lauren.

Reason #2 the Colorful Cast of Characters of ‘Lost Girl’

“Lost Girl” not only has a succubus and a shapeshifting wolf to wet the senses, there are many other folklore beings to further drive the plot. Creator Michelle Lovretta blended together fantasy creatures with humans for an eclectic mashed-up storyline.

  • Fitzpatrick ‘Trick’ McCorrigan, played by Rick Howland, is the Blood King and grandfather of Bo. Trick is centuries old and is able to write and re-write history with his blood.
  • Detective William ‘Hale’ Santiago, played by K.C. Collins is Dyson’s partner and a Siren. He hits it off with Kenzi, becoming fast friends and later engaged, before he is killed by Masimo
  • Tamsin, played by Rachel Skarsten, is a Valkyrie and Dark Fae. She escorts those who have fallen in battle to Valhalla. She also has more than one life, and when she is reborn into her last one, Kenzi raises her.
  • Vex, played by Paul Amos, is a powerful Mesmer. He can control others’ actions by using his hands, usually causing them to harm themselves.
  • Aife is the daughter of the Blood King and mother of Bo. She is the only other known female succubus.
  • Hades, played by Eric Roberts, is the father of Bo. Of course, he is also the ruler of the Underworld.
  • Rainer, played by Kyle Schmid, is a seer of the future. He was unjustly killed in battle, long ago, by the Blood King. The king used his blood to complete this task and win the war. Trick made a deal with Tamsin that she would not take his soul to Valhalla so he could have it for himself. He trapped the warrior on a night train, to nowhere, for eternity.
  • Ebony Fleurette Marquise (The Morrigan), played by Emmanuelle Vaugier, is a Leanan Sidhe and Masimo’s mother. As in folklore Ebony mates with humans and gives them inspiration. However, she is a Dark Fae and usually kills her human counterparts.
  • Masimo, played by Tim Rozon, is completely human and the son of the Black Fae’s Morrigan Ebony. He tries desperately, but to no avail, to please his mother. In the process, he kills the Siren, Hale, the day he asked Kenzi to marry him.

These are just a few of the magical and wondrous creatures encountered in the “Lost Girl.”

Reason #3 Kenzi the Human

Lost GirlWithout the funny, quirky human sidekick of Bo’s, “Lost Girl” would be boring. Kenzi is a fashionably snarky girl with a knack for detective work. She has a fierce loyalty to the succubus and is someone Bo can count on through thick and thin.

Fans of ‘Lost Girl’ know that this human fashionista had a less than great childhood and started running away at a very young age. By the time Kenzi was 15, she was living on the streets and became good at stealing and being a con artist.

Fast forward four years and Kenzi is in the hotel bar, picking pockets where Bo is working. The young thief did not notice when a predator slipped a drug into her drink until she was on her way out and in the elevator. The evil man followed her. This is where Bo saves her from being raped by sucking his Chi from him, rendering him lifeless.

However, Kenzi did not see this happen, because the drug took affect and she passed out. But, her phone was recording. The succubus took her back to her dilapidated house to recover. She immediately started packing for fear of being tracked down and jailed for her earlier indiscretion.

Kenzi comes to, a little freaked out, but no worse for wear. She follows Bo down the street trying to stop her from leaving, especially now that she knows what she can do after watching the video. When suddenly, two men approach, Dyson a shapeshifting wolf and Hale, a Siren. The Siren whistles and the two women are knocked out.

This is where fans of “Lost Girl” see how loyal Kenzi is to those she loves. She finds Bo and from then on out the two are inseparable. The young thief is like this with everyone she loves and cares about, but it is the succubus Kenzi is most loyal too.

Reason #4 Lauren the Doctor

Lost GirlWhat show does not need a sexy lesbian female doctor? Well, “Lost Girl’s” Lauren Lewis is exactly that. From the beginning, fans see the attraction between Bo and the doctor. Especially when the succubus is sent to the Light Fae’s medical facilities to assess exactly what she is.

To the doctor’s elated surprise, she finds that Bo is one of the very few succubi known to be alive. Lauren questions the rare specimen on how she was able to survive without the help and affiliation with either the dark or light side.

Of course, Bo does not see why this is surprising because she has lived most of her life in the human world, doing human things. Unless the fact that she killed all her mates, inadvertently, during sexual encounters is taken into account.

The doctor works for the Light Fae under servitude. This is because of her girlfriend, who has been in a coma for years. The Light Fae have kept her safe in an incubation chamber, while Lauren looks for a way to wake her.

However, when Lauren meets Bo, she cannot keep her distance from her. Because the succubus is unaligned, the light and dark have tagged her as someone that their people should not fraternize with. Basically, she is a trouble maker until she chooses a side. This does not stop the budding romance between doctor and patient.

During the “Lost Girl” seasons’ the genius doctor helps Bo with cases and uncover secrets by using her pull with the Light Fae, and a little bit of undermining and conniving.

Opinion News By Tracy Blake
Edited by Katherine Miller and Jessica Hamel


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