Prolific Star of Stage and Television John Heard Dies


John Heard, best known for playing the father, Peter McCallister, in the “Home Alone” movie sagas died Friday, July 22, 2017, according to CNN. The star was married three times, most notably to “Superman” star, Margot Kidder.

As reported by CNN, the Santa Clara medical examiner office in California, stated that the actor was 71 at the time of his death, however, other reports have listed his age at 72. Though Heard’s role as the father in “Home Alone,” is what fans will remember him most for, the actor had a prolific and versatile career in television as well as on stage.

In Heard’s early career he was a successful theater actor before he transitioned to movies and television. In 1988, the actor had a supporting role in the film “Big,” which starred Tom Hanks. Heard also appeared in other well-known films like “Beaches,” “The Pelican Brief,” and “Sharknado.”

Not only did the “Home Alone” actor have supporting roles in major movies, he also is credited for his appearances in several television shows like; “CSI: Miami,” “Law & Order,” “Elementary,” “Prison Break,” and “Battlestar Galactica.”

Heard, after the “Home Alone” sagas, seemed to play roles that were either the bad guy or an official of some sort. Spinning both role types into an Emmy-nomination guest arc on “The Sopranos.”

Even though the actor found success with a long line of supporting roles, he will never able to shake his character as the fun loving father, Peter McCallister in the “Home Alone” movies, and will forever be remembered as such.

At the moment the cause of Heard’s death has not been released. Guardian Liberty Voice will update accordingly.

Written by Tracy Blake


CNN: ‘Home Alone’ actor John Heard dies

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