Everything You Wanted to Know About Taylor Swift’s Sex Life [Video]

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There is no question Taylor Swift is one of the most popular artists on the music scene, and her relationships sometimes make more headlines than her music.

It is not easy to date the Pop Princess, and everything the superstar does will be front page news.

Jake Gyllenhaal Took Swift’s Virginity


An insider told Radar Online Swift was going to remain a virgin until she was married. She was so in love with Gyllenhaal that he convinced her after dating for three months to have sex.

A source told Radar Online that Swift thought she was going to marry Gyllenhaal.

The source continued by saying, after the two became intimate, in Dec. 2010, the singer threw herself a birthday party for her 21st birthday at her family’s home in Nashville, Tennessee. Gyllenhaal planned on flying in for her birthday.

The day before the birthday party the singer spoke with Gyllenhall, and he was coming to the party. The next day, the day of the party, he did not call or text. He also did not show up to the party, leaving Swift devastated.

Swift locked herself in the bathroom and cried all night. The break-up inspired her album “RED.”

 Swift’s Sex Life With Calvin Harris Was Legendary


Back in 2015 when the pop princess was dating superstar DJ Calvin Harris, word was the couple could not get enough of each other.

A source told Hollywood Life that Harris would go over to Swift’s house, they would talk and may watch a movie. However, things get steamy quickly.

The source continued saying the couple did not sleep much because they would stay up until 4 or 5 in the morning having sex. If there were no work, they would sleep in late, eat, and then have more sex.

Harry Styles and Swift Broke Up Over Bad Kissing


According to Hollywood Life, 23-year-old Taylor Swift broke up with 18-year-old Harry Styles because she felt he kissed like “a snail.”

A source who was close to Styles told the publication that Swift was asexual and just wanted to kiss and do nothing else.

Swift Bought Porn Domain Names Which Had Her Name


CNNMoney reported in 2015 the singer purchased TaylorSwift.adult and TaylorSwift.porn. Domains with .adult and .porn were going to be permitted to be purchased on June 1 of that year.

Swift was 25 years old when she bought the sites to keep them away from trolls.

Harry Styles and Swift Broke Up Because He Could Not Kiss

According to Hollywood Life Swift who was 23, told her friends that Styles who was 18 years old at the time kissed like a snail.

Meanwhile, sources close to Styles told friends that Swift was asexual and all she wanted to do was kiss, and nothing else.

A Sex Offender Sued Swift Claiming “1989” Was About Him


In 2015, federal inmate 05994-070, Jose Hilario, filed a lawsuit against Swift. Before becoming incarcerated, he claimed in 2008 an 18-year-old Swift emailed him to ask to speak to him on Skype because she was sad and lonely and wanted to talk to somebody.

Hilario said they met in April 2008 at a mall in Rhode Island.

Several days later, Hilario was arrested by the FBI on possession of child pornography. He pled guilty and was sent to jail in Oakdale, Lousiana. His sentence ends in May 2019.

He said Swift promised him she would help him with his legal issues. She also promised she would sing and write songs about him.

While in prison he realized Swift wrote “1989” was about his life.

Swift Spent Lots Of Money On Clothes From A Sex Shop


Swift sent her staff to The Stockroom a Los Angeles sex shop. She borrowed $13,000 worth of clothes for the “Bad Blood” video. It is alleged she kept $5,000 worth of clothing after the shoot was completed.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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