Luke Walton, Sacramento Kings Head Coach Sued for Sexual Assault

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According to TMZ, Luke Walton, Sacramento Kings Head Coach is being sued by a woman who alleges he forced himself on her sexually in a hotel room.

Kelli Tennant alleges that prior to Walton becoming the Lakers head coach, he invited her to his Santa Monica hotel room to discuss with her a book which she was writing.

Tennant said they had a business relationship for many and years, and she wanted to discuss with him the possibility of writing a forward to her book.

When Tennant arrived at the suite in the hotel Walton was at, he spoke with her and suggested she go to his room so the two could have a discussion about the book. She alleges when they went to the room, Walton pushed her on the bed and places his legs and hips over her body.

Tennant alleges Walton forcefully hissed her face, neck, and chest. She says she screamed telling him to stop, and fought back, attempting to free herself. He then held her down and groped her groin and breasts, and rubbed her leg with his erection.

She said he finally let her get up, but as she went towards the door he grabbed her and forced his body against hers.

Tennant alleges Walton finally released her, and when she left he said: “It was great seeing you.”

Tennant alleged she did not report Walton’s actions and was forced to interact with him at the workplace. She said when she would see him, Walton would kiss or hug her. She states she told him clearly she was not interested, and to please stop.

It is unclear why Tennant came forward now. Walton left the LA Lakers and is now with the Sacramento Kings.

Written by Barbara Sobel


TMZ: Luke Walton Sued For Sexual Assault

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