Chicago Downtown Looted Following Police Conflict in Englewood

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Conflict with officers and the Englewood community erupted after news broke out about a Chicago police officer shooting a young Black man. Community activists say police were aggressive with residents. Reports say residents were the initial agitators.

Since there is no bodycam footage of the incident, the only information that is known is that an officer chased and shot a Black man in Englewood on Aug 9, 2020. However, there is some suspicion about a weapon found at the crime scene.

Initially, officers said they received a report of a suspect walking around with a gun. The young man they saw, fit their description and when approached, he ran away. Police chased him down and then shot him in his face and back. As a result, people began looting Chicago’s magnificent mile early Monday morning. Entrances’ to downtown Chicago have been blocked off to avoid further looting.

Downtown Looting and Community Activists

According to police officers who were downtown, people rushed in and out of stores with shopping bags of merchandise. Garbage cans were turned over, and anti-police graffiti was sprayed on buildings. It is believed the looting is the result of the spread of misinformation and distrust between law enforcement and the community.

Activists are calling for the removal of police officers in over-policed Chicago neighborhoods like Englewood. Instead, community leaders are calling for the use of community activists to de-escalate situations. This comes as an effort to reduce police presence and situations like these in the future. However, this does mean more resources for health care, education, etc need to be implemented.

Regardless, of whether people support law enforcement or community activists, one thing Chicagoans can agree on, is that situations like these should never happen.

Written by Reginae Echols
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


NBC4i: Widespread damage reported in downtown Chicago after night of looting

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