Taxpayers to Pay Trump’s Legal Fees After He Declares Election Invalid…Just Saying

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President Donald Trump is a fascist; he jokes that he should be given four more years because Former-President Barack Obama and the Democrats spied on his 2016 campaign. A person would have to be dimwitted to believe he is joking. His language and action are those of a truly power-hungry autocrat.

Not recognizing Trump’s narcissistic need to win, no matter the cost, is a mistake. His statement, “it is what it is” about the deaths of nearly 230,000 Americans, should be enough to convince almost anyone. If his callousness about the COVID-19 pandemic is not enough, consider his insistence that the Presidental Election outcome will be illegitimate due to massive voter fraud.

On Nov. 3, 2020, if Trump does not win, he will do anything to maintain power. After he declares the election outcome to be invalid, he will use the courts to support his position.

American taxpayers will suffer the consequences and foot the bill in numerous ways — pay his legal fees, coping with increased civil unrest and economic peril.

Republican Politicians Encourage Trump’s Behavior

Republican politicians are complicit as they support his cockamamy theories. During this campaign season alone, they joined Trump’s attempt to undermine the election.

First, they tried to deny the people the right to vote by mail during the pandemic, a move that would keep their constituents safe. The president said there was evidence that mail-in ballots resulted in massive fraud.

Then after the Supreme Court refused to validate Trump’s claims, they jumped on his bandwagon to claim the election outcome is somehow illegal.

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell Packed Federal Courts

Americans know Trump and his cohort, Mitch McConnell, packed the Federal Courts with friendly judges he hopes will overturn the election results. He has not hidden his intent, and Senate Majority Leader McConnell paved the way by prioritizing the appointments. As of September 18, the president had appointed 216 Federal Judges — possibly adding 14 more by the election.

Americans should be aware that there will be a Trump coup if he wins another four years in the White House — if he loses, he will not leave quietly. “Given everything that President Trump has done to take advantage of the system’s weaknesses in the event of an uncertain outcome or a losing one for him,” writes Laura Field for The Bulwark.

The Army National Guard and ICE officers are preparing for the worst. Americans should as well…just saying.

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