Governor Andrew Cuomo Resigns as Sexual Harrassment Scandal Continues

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As Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal continues, he has decided to resign. As announced during his press conference, his resignation will go through 14 days from today, Aug. 10, 2021. In addition to his resignation, Cuomo denounced all sexual harassment allegations but admitted that his past actions were inappropriate. He then closed his statement with an apology to all 11 of the women he “offended.”

Cultural Shifts And Workplace Relations

Although Governor Cuomo’s press conference purpose was to announce his resignation, it is clear that his intentions were to also clear his name amid his investigation. Not only did he denounce all claims of sexual harassment, but he blamed the allegations on a cultural and generational shift of which that he was not aware. Cuomo said that previously he had called women sweetheart, darling, and honey because he did not realize they were outdated terms. Moreover, the New York governor said he hugged and kissed men and women because he had become too comfortable.


Bias In Justice System

Following his claims that his past inappropriate behavior was due to his lack of cultural awareness, Cuomo claimed that the reason the media is attacking him so harshly is due to bias in the justice system. He did not offer any evidence to his claims, but his lawyer, Rita Glavin, stated that she also believes there is bias in the media.

However, Fabien Levy, the Attorney General’s spokesperson stated that undermining the investigation is an attack on investigators’ professionalism. It seems that the New York governor’s resignation amid his sexual harassment scandal comes off as more of an attack on his character than a call to action against workplace harassment, according to FOX News

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Fox News: NY Gov. Cuomo resigns amid sexual harassment scandal; by Melissa Leon and Jessica Chasmar

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