Same-Sex Marriage One Step Closer to Recognition

Same-Sex Marriage
Same-Sex Marriage
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The Senate has moved on to the bill that recognizes same-sex marriage rights. After the post-election session, the Democratic party won. They made sure this bill was one of the first passed. On Wednesday, November 16, 2022, the Senate passed a law that protects same-sex marriages. This happened because 12 Republicans joined the Democratic side to help pass the Respect for marriage act.

The 62-37 vote occurred just days after the midterm elections. Democrats kept control of the Senate but were expected to lose the House to Republicans. They signaled a remarkable change in American politics, and culture by showing how same-sex marriage, once a contentious political issue, has become so widely accepted in society. They proved that a law to defend the rights of same-sex couples across the nation could gain substantial, bipartisan majorities in both the Senate and the House.

A version of the bill was passed last summer by 47 House Republicans who also happen to be Democrats. The legislation’s passage, now anticipated after Thanksgiving, would be “one of the true highlights of the year for this body.” As well as, “one of the more significant accomplishments of this Senate to date,” according to Senator Chuck Schumer.

Mr. Schumer gave a speech on the Senate floor. Saying his daughter and her wife were having a child in the spring. They “and everyone in a loving relationship, should live without the fear that their rights could one day be torn away,” he added.

What will this mean

No state would be required by the law to allow same-sex marriage. Yet, it would do away with the Defense of Marriage Act, which banned same-sex couples from receiving federal benefits. After the court overturned the 50-year-old Roe v. Wade decision that established abortion rights, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in his opinion that the court “should reconsider” prior decisions that established marriage equality and access to contraception. This sparked a push to put it up for a vote.

Same-Sex Marriage
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The Republican Senators who voted for this bill are:

  • Roy Blunt Of Missouri;
  • Richard Burr of North Carolina;
  • Susan Collins of Maine;
  • Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming;
  • Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia;
  • Rob Portman of Ohio;
  • Dan Sullivan of Alaska;
  • Mitt Romney of Utah;
  • Thom Tillis of North Carolina;
  • Lisa Murkowski of Alaska;
  • Joni Ernest of Iowa;
  • and Todd Young of Indiana.

The bill now returns to the House, which must pass the revised version before clearing it for President Biden’s signature.

By Adriana Castelan


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