Firefighters are America’s True Heroes

  The word ‘hero’ is too easily attributed to those who have no relationship to the term.  The privileged and famous are often mistakenly put into this category by mistaken admirers.  No great athlete, no movie star, no politician, and no CEO of a major corporation can possibly fit into the definition of ‘hero.’  One […]

Yoga is not Religious According to Judge

The Encinitas Union School District in North County, San Diego, is teaching yoga to its students instead of traditional forms of exercise. Monday a judge ruled that yoga is not religious. Parents of two children, in the nine school district, petitioned the court to cease the teaching of Ashtanga yoga, claiming it was a form […]

Bush on Snowden, Mandela, and Obama

Even his own party hoped he’d just disappear, and he promised to do so, saying that he was glad to be out of the public eye. I was afraid it wouldn’t last. He spoke to CNN about Snowden, Mandela, and Obama. George W. Bush accomplished many things in his eight years in office, but not […]

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