Our Polluted Soil

By Dr. Mark Baxter In my last article I discussed the devastating effects upon our health as well as the health of our planet due to water pollution. In this article we will explore the personal and planetary consequences of soil pollution. The Western mindset suffers under the delusion that all of Earth’s resources are […]

Healthy Eating To Protect Our Planet

By Ina Mohan Healthy eating has huge benefits for your own health, but did you know that eating healthy green food is also very important for the health of our planet? We usually attribute global warming to our immense use of fossil fuels in transportation, manufacturing, heating, cooling, etc. All these are responsible for large […]

Safe: A Creative, Exciting, and Violent Thrill-Ride

By Dayne Archer One of the best things about Safe is how Boaz Yakin, the director of inspirational dramas (Remember the Titans) and one-time scribe of straight-to-video action movies (The Punisher), gives Jason Statham’s character a reason to keep going when he has every reason to jump off the ledge at which we first meet […]

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