Chimpanzees escaped from home in Northwest Las Vegas

By Amanda Shore As we reported earlier, two chimpanzees escaped and were roaming the streets near Ann Road and Jones Boulevard. Their origins were unknown, but Metro warned locals about the incident and told them to stay inside. It didn’t take long for the situation to be resolved. Now we know that the chimps escaped […]

Penn State officials masked Sandusky child sex abuse case

By Justine Espersen After eight months of investigation, former FBI Director Louis Freeh made it clear Thursday that Penn State University leaders, including former football coach Joe Paterno, covered up Jerry Sandusky’s child sex abuse allegations for 14 years. These powerful men include Paterno, former university president Graham Spanier, and athletic director Tim Curley. Paterno’s […]

Las Vegas blood drive critical during summer months

By N M Lorde Nineteen-year-old Brian donates blood multiple times throughout the year. He started donating in high school and plans to continue to roll up his sleeves for the rest of his life. “A hero doesn’t do a deed for the glory of it and they just don’t do a good deed once; they […]

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