Escaped chimps in Las Vegas captured

By Kyra Hall and Amanda Shore In an earlier article, we reported that two chimpanzees had escaped from an unknown location. Metro had notified locals to stay indoors. Metro has now reported that they have successfully tranquilized one of the chimpanzees, but unfortunately, the other chimp was killed. They still don’t know where the chimps […]

Escaped chimpanzees in Las Vegas: Stay inside

By Kyra Hall Chimpanzees are man’s closest cousin and can also be extremely dangerous. Two chimpanzees have escaped an enclosure in North Las Vegas and are currently running rampant on Ann Road near Jones Boulevard. Las Vegas Metro is on the scene trying to recapture the chimps. Metro has advised all motorists and residents in […]

Should we try to cool the Earth?

By Erin Lale With the recent record-breaking temperatures, the climate change debate is heating up again. This debate has often been framed as a debate about scientific facts. In the 1970s, people believed in global cooling. After that came global warming. When academic climate modelers and professional weathermen came down on opposite sides of the […]

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