Immature all grown up and reunited for new album and tour

  By Kelly J Newson Not since their 2001 release  of ‘IMx’ have Marques ‘Batman’ Houston, Jerome ‘Romeo’ Jones and Kelton ‘LDB’ Kessee recorded and toured together. Now the trio is back in the studio working on a new album set to be release next year with a tour to follow. Since their time apart, each ventured into solo […]

House Democrats push for a Federal minimum wage increase

  By Kelly J. Newson   Who says executives and other top office people deserve their bonuses when you have people lower in the company struggling just to get by? It’s a matter of an executice being able to purchase a nicer car over a family just being able to afford a car. They live […]

Lochte Wins Men’s 400IM, Phelps 4th

By Steve Kish It has finally happened, it has taken eight years, but Michael Phelps didn’t medal in a race since the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Still, an American took gold, with Ryan Lochte taking the proverbial round one of Lochte vs. Phelps. Lochte didn’t just win the race, he blew everyone else away. Lochte […]

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