FDA Finally Limits Levels of Arsenic in Apple Juice

It’s been over a year since concerned parent groups demanded the FDA take precautions to limit the levels of arsenic in apple juices sold around the country. The FDA released today the limits will now match the levels that are permitted in drinking water. The review has been sitting with the FDA for a few […]

Microsoft’s Alleged Collaboration with the NSA

The National Security Agency did not have to strong-arm one of the largest and most powerful agencies in the world. Microsoft allegedly, not only provided the data requested, but offered the path to circumvent their own encryption. This information was retrieved and acquired from none other than Edward Snowden’s acquired secret documents. Silicon Valley is […]

Sprint Announces Unlimited Guaranteed

In a bold move to earn a boost from its larger competitors, Sprint is announcing the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee. In doing so, this allows unlimited data usage on smartphones for $30 monthly and $10 for basic phones. If this is a telltale sign of the recent purchase of Sprint by Softbank, the third largest provider, […]