A Poll can be used to FORM public opinion about the President and Election, not just measure it.

An Election Poll about who you would chose to be President, can be crafted to say exactly what the pollster wants to it say. By Benjamin Gaul: There’s an old saying among Car Salesmen, Con Men and Pollsters: “Figures don’t lie, but liars do figure.” Unless you’re aware of all the variables, facts and figures […]

Navy Seals to monitor Vegas voter intimidation by New Black Panther members.

Retired American Special Forces types, Army Rangers, Navy Seals, Delta Force, Green Berets and others are monitoring Voter Intimidation attempts by New Black Panther members. By Benjamin Gaul The following article was originally reported in the Examiner.com On Tuesday, Breitbart.com reported that retired Navy SEAL Ben Brink told Fox News that he is reaching out […]

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