NSA Targets Facebook, Microsoft and Google [Video]

Your Brand is Your Responsibility

NSA Targets Facebook, Microsoft and Google [Video]

How many times have our intentions been hindered by someone’s premature judgment? Specialist in the field of social behavior state that an opinion of you is made within 4 seconds of a person meeting you. That means if you had the slightest off day you could lose countless potential connections. We have to take time […]

Ready or Not Jason Kidd is the Man [Video]

  This is usually a bitter sweet time of year for me as a sports fan. While my husband gears up for the NFL’s training camp and regular season play, I am bidding a sorrowful farewell to the NBA season. With the playoffs culminating in the next few days, I know this will be a […]

Miley Cyrus Parents Set to Divorce [Video]

Setting Healthy Boundaries Against Divorce

Miley Cyrus Parents Set to Divorce  [Video]

The parents of Miley Cyrus are on the road to Divorce Court once again. It seems that after 19 years a couple would be inseparable. Nearly three years after the country singer, Billy Cyrus, filed divorce papers then changed his mind, his wife Leticia has decided to end their marriage. I’m sure during the course […]