Blueberry oatmeal McDonald’s top trend

Proves Value Of Advertising On Social Media McDonald’s is now serving blueberry oatmeal. This is obviously a big deal as the term “Blueberry Oatmeal” is trending number one in the United States as well as the United Kingdom. Blueberries have been credited with contributing to the longevity of indigenous natives in the arctic regions of […]

Donald Driver wins Dancing With the Stars

 NFL Superstars Western Theme Freestyle A Big Hit Green Bay Packer receiver Donald Driver, who already has a Super Bowl Championship ring, can now add the coveted mirrorball award to his trophy case. Driver, who is accustomed to putting moves on defenders, showed off his smooth moves on the dance floor to win the Dancing […]


Earthquakes Solar Eclipse Solar Flares Apocalypse Coming Soon By Dock Walls May 17, 2012 Doomsday theorists insist that the world will end on December 21, 2012. That prophesy stems from findings that the ancient Mayan calendar ends on that date. Non believers, who don’t dispute a literal end to the calendar, argue that this cessation […]