Sick of the Government’s Cheese!

By Steven Campbell Another presidential race and another 4-year cycle of political ads and campaign stops. We Americans have become so accustomed to “the system” in which our choices are only Red or Blue. If you’re Blue; you’re profiled as lazy, poor and a drag on the economy,

New Radio Talk Show Show for Las Vegas

By Rhonda Leon Have you ever been watching a game on television, like the Superbowl maybe…  and you could see what was about to happen so you tried to help by hollering out to the players but they didn’t hear you (of course) because you

Gangster Bankster

By Steve Campbell The year is 2005.  You work for “To big to fail Bank” in the home loan center and the phone is ringing off the hook. Who is it you ask? Another Borrower looking for a home loan. Simple you say, I’ll take his application and run his credit. Easy money!  At this […]