MIA’s Documentary Teaser Leaked On Tumblr By Director Steve Loveridge

“The timing of this leak is not good, as it screws with everything we´ve working on setting Matangi

MIA’s Documentary Teaser Leaked On Tumblr By Director Steve Loveridge

Director Steve Loveridge leaked a teaser of an upcoming documentary about rap star MIA on Tumblr over the weekend. Shortly after doing so, he left the project, citing extreme frustration with ongoing delays in production. The documentary began filming last year and features appearances by artists such as Kanye West, Spike Jonze, Richard Rusell, Switch […]

Astronomers Found Radio Signals from Beyond the Milky Way

“If we could view the sky with radio eyes there would be flashes going off all over the sky every day"

The Universe still has many misteries to reveal to us, secrets beyond our imagination. International astronomers found radio signals coming from beyond the Milky Way, exactly 11 billion light years away. The first burst detected was in 2007. The astronomers are using the Parkes radio telescope in Australia. Dan Thornton from the University of Manchester, […]

Hurricane Erick is Producing Heavy Rains Over Southwestern Mexico.

Erick strengthen to a hurricane off of southern Mexico this Saturday

Southwestern Mexico. Hurricane Erick formed this Saturday on Mexico´s Pacific coast. The Hurricane is bringing tropical storm- force winds to the Southern Baja Peninsula. Hurricane Erick is producing heavy rains over portions of the Southwestern Mexico. A Hurricane watch is in effect for Punta San Telmo to Cabo Corrientes, which means that hurricane conditions are […]

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