Bhutan Buddhist Monks Break Celibacy Vows – Engage In Thigh Sex – Confession Video

“Religion has the capacity to silence critical thinking and create blindness in entire groups of people. It can infect the minds of followers so completely as to allow the most egregious sexual acts against children and others to go unchallenged for centuries.” Darrel Ray

 In a country that claims to honor its children, the latest sensational headlines are shameful: Bhutan citizens fear sexual abuse is rampant in monastic schools. An 11-year-old monk told a reporter for The Raven, Bhutan’s monthly news magazine that calls itself the country’s “guardian,” that he had been sexually assaulted multiple times by elder monks […]

Bacon Bullets Designed To Send Muslims Straight-To-Hell (Video)

Earns Record Sales For North Idaho Ammo Manufacturer

On June 21, 2013, Religious News published breaking news that an Idaho ammunitions dealer was doing a brisk business in sales of “Pork-laced bullets designed to send Muslims “straight-to-hell.” A group of gun enthusiasts, nursing festering anger over the idea of an Islamic cultural center opening near Ground Zero, decided to fight back with a […]

Flesh-Eating Plant Blooms In Britain –Sheep Beware – Video

Flesh-Eating Plant Blooms In Britain –Sheep Beware – Video

  Although it’s quite unusual for a single plant to garner bold-faced headlines around the world, The Royal Horticultural Society’s announcement that their prized Puya chilensis was about to bloom flashed across the Internet at lightening speed. Nurtured in the Royal Horticultural Society Garden Wisley for 15 years, the 10-foot tall specimen attracted the attention […]