BOOK REVIEW: Nourished By That Which Consumes…will nourish the heart (and libido)

A short romantic thriller that will nourish the heart (and libido) without consuming much of your time. Author: Joseph Ephraim Length: 57 pages Kindle Purchase Price: $2.99 (US) The story takes place in Singapore and begins with our main character: Yu-Lin. The young girl painstakingly recalls witnessing the deaths of her mother and siblings (and […]

Family Believes Mexican Superstar Dead;

Just Who Is Jenni Rivera?

  Rivera’s father and brother spoke to Telemundo about her untimely death.Rivera was originally reported missing after her plane lost contact with air traffic controllers shortly after 3 am Sunday morning, about 61 miles from Monterrey where the singer performed on Saturday night.  The plane had six other individuals on board, including two pilots and four other passengers: her publicist, Arturo […]