Blind Chinese Activist is Heading to US

Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng is heading to the United States with his family. A few hours before he left China, he voiced serious concerns over his relatives left behind. Guangcheng won plaudits for investigating rights abuses, including forced sterilizations and late term abortions under Chinese controversial “one-child” family planning policy. He was under house […]

SpaceX Rocket Poised to Make the Historic Journey Tomorrow.

The count down has begun: the world’s first private built rocket, the SpaceX, is targeted to lift off at 1.55am PT/4.55AM ET. For the first time in history, a private corporation is set to prove it can deliver cargo to the International Space Station. At the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla., a Falcon 9 […]

Disco Diva Donna Summer Died of Lung Cancer

Disco Diva Donna Summer died of lung cancer, but she wasn’t a smoker, according to her family representative. “There had been various rumors circulating about the cause of death, but she died of cancer,” Brian Edward, the family rep, was quoted. “Obviously, several factors could be attributed to the cause of cancer in general, but […]

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