“Lefty” Dominates the Phoenix Open

“Lefty” Leads the Pack Friday, the second round of the Waste Management Phoenix Open, Phil Mickelson was a half inch from joining only 5 other players in golf history.  His final hole of the day, the ninth, saw him with a putt of about 25 feet.  If he made it, he would have shot a […]

Wayne La Pierre’s Telling Lies on FOX

Now He’s Resorting to Lies Because it was on FOX Sunday morning, I’m not surprised to hear a lie, but I thought the CEO for the lobby representing the gun manufacturers and gun sellers, otherwise known as the NRA, could do better. This was Wayne La Pierre’s comment:  “During the campaign, when [Obama] said to […]

Chris Kyle Killed

Famous Navy SEAL Killed Chris Kyle, Navy SEAL sniper and author of “American Sniper,” was shot and killed along with another man at a gun range in Glen Rose, Texas.  The Sheriff said witnesses saw a man open fire around 3:30 Saturday afternoon, and then flee in a truck that belonged to one of the […]