5.4 Magnitude Earthquake Shook Central Peru

5.4 Magnitude Earthquake Shook Central Peru

A 5.4 magnitude earthquake shook central Peru on Monday afternoon, July 15. The moderate quake struck at 22:35 GMT. The epicenter was 120 kilometers (75 miles) northeast of Oxapampa and 360 kilometers (224 miles) northeast of Lima. Its depth was 145.2 kilometers (90.2 miles). Oxapampa is the capital city of Oxapampa, a province on the […]

Susan Taylor Dies Attempting to Swim English Channel

34-year-old Susan Taylor died Sunday, attempting to swim the English Channel.  Supporters reported her death on her fundraising Facebook page. Ms. Taylor collapsed near the end of her 21 mile swim.  She was immediately pulled from the water, and placed into the support boat. “Whilst attempting to swim the English Channel yesterday my sister, Susan […]

iphone 5 User Electrocuted in China

  A Chinese woman was electrocuted, on last Thursday, after attempting to answer a call on her iphone 5. According to Xinhua News, Ma Ailun, 23, received an electrical shock when she answered an incoming call on her iphone 5, while the phone was charging. A report from the China Daily stated that police have […]