U.S. Tourist Killed in Pakistan by Police? (Video)

A U.S. tourist was purportedly found among 9 dead shot by men wearing police uniforms believed to be Islamic militants. The tourists were found at the world’s highest mountains located in the remote areas of northern Pakistan. Among the dead were two Chinese, one Chinese-American and one Nepalese. It was noted that one individual was […]

U.S. Annuls Passport of Espionage Suspect Edward Snowden’s

The United States government has officially revoked the U.S. passport of espionage suspect Edward Snowden. A U.S. official on Sunday said Edward Snowden’s passport was annulled before he left Hong Kong for Russia. Snowden’s travel plans could be complicated – but not thwarted – by a lack of passport. The U.S. official said that if […]

Edward Snowden Espionage Fugitive Seeks Asylum in Ecuador

Edward Snowden Espionage Fugitive Seeks Asylum in Ecuador

In an ironic twist of fate, espionage fugitive Edward Snowden is finding privacy very difficult to come by, with reports tracking him through flights to Moscow and Cuba. His escape comes on the heels of the news that the American government sought his extradition from Hong Kong. His passport has been revoked and he faces […]