Benghazi Security “Inappropriately Low” Says Former Regional Security Officer, Eric Nordstrom

A former Regional Security Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Libya, Eric Nordstrom, has told congressional investigators that security at their diplomatic post in Benghazi was “inappropriately low,” according to a recent ABC report. Some officials are laying blame on Susan Rice while other have cited Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s leadership at fault. Clinton […]

A 200 passenger Los Angeles Metrolink train collides with semi truck injuring three

Associated Press has put out a report from Los Angeles where a train carrying at least 200 passengers collides with semi stalled on tracks in north Los Angeles County injuring three people. The L.A. County Sheriff’s office announced that the accident involved a Metrolink train and semi-truck carrying approximately a dozen cars. The crash happened […]

Israeli fighter jet shoots down enemy drone but retaliatory response looms

Contributor D. Chandler: In what could be a precursor to widespread technological aerial combat, Israeli military responded to a drone launched deep into their fiercely guarded airspace. Israeli Defense Forces spotted the drone, which did not carry any weapons or explosives, hovering over Gaza before it entered Israeli airspace, military spokeswoman Avital Leibovich said. Forces kept the […]