Obama’s Election Victory: 22 things Obama doesn’t want you to know

Obama’s election victory margin is known to be rife with voter fraud. What does that mean for our country? By Benjamin Gaul: The following list was originally compiled by The American Dream, and chronicles just the election shenanigans from November 6th, which were actually reported. We may never know the full extent of the Chicago […]

Oil Platform fire off the coast of Louisiana leaves 2 dead 2 missing, and 4 injured

Correction, there are no confirmed reports of any fatalities New Orleans, Louisiana – The U.S. Coast Guard in New Orleans confirmed that a platform fire off the coast of Louisiana has killed 2 people, 2 are missing while 4 others have been injured according to reports from local television stations in New Orleans. Jefferson Parish Councilman […]

Egyptian Prime Minister Arrives In The Gaza Strip as Netanyahu and Hamas Cease Fire

Twenty minutes ago Reuters reported that Egypt’s Prime Minister Hesham Kandil has arrived in the Gaza Strip for three-hour-long visit with Hamas. The visit coincides with the recent AP report, which claims Benjamin Natanyahu has told Egypt he will temporarily postpone Israel’s offensive attacks in the Gaza strip while Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil visits […]