Republican Party Denounces NDAA

By Dirk Tejan Dateline: Las Vegas, Nevada July 19, 2012 Last night, the Clark County Republican Party Central Committee in Nevada unanimously passed a resolution soundly denouncing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012, sections 1021 and 1022, and requesting immediate action against it by the Clark County Sheriff. These sections of NDAA 2012 […]

San Bernardino, California Has Just Officially Declared A Fiscal Emergency

Reuters has just reported that San Bernardino, California city council has declared a fiscal emergency. This action could perhaps signal Los Angeles to file for bankruptcy protection without them first talking it over with their creditors. The Los Angeles community could very well experience a decrease in population as many may flee for rosier horizons.

Deadly disease Listeria kills two, three others are ill

By DiMarkco Chandler Listeria strikes New Zealand as two people die. Three others have falling ill after contracting the disease. The outbreak is believed to have originated in hospital food from two different regions. The affected products have been recalled from shops as they may all contain the bacteria causing the disease. Two elderly women […]