CCRP Central Committee Meeting

By Randy Rose The bi-monthly meeting of the Clark County Republican Central Committee was held at the Silverton Tuesday night, to a very large turn-out not seen in years. The large crowd had expected to work on the 2012 Plank but that was put off until the 3rd Tuesday in May. There was a vote to […]

Ibogaine And The GOP

By Stephanie Kutner In 1972, a hero of mine, writer/journalist Hunter S. Thompson, wrote a satirical piece accusing Democratic candidate Edmund Muskie of being addicted to ibogaine, a naturally occurring hallucinogen, stating: “In retrospect however, it is easy to see why Muskie fell apart on that caboose platform in the Miami train station. It is entirely conceivable, given the known […]

Las Vegas Veterans Stand Down

By Kendle Walters For Nevada’s homeless veterans, getting to take a hot shower or have their hair cut is a luxury. Talking to a counselor, connecting with a support group, or seeking advice from a lawyer, are often services that are far out of reach. For many Las Vegas veterans who suffer from the isolating […]