Operation on fetus successful

By Amanda Shore Mother Tammy Gonzalez noticed a “bubble” coming from her fetus’ mouth after a scan at 17 weeks. After closer examination, doctors found out that it was an oral teratoma, a benign tumor. These are rare, and doctors said there was a very small chance that the baby would survive. The doctors performed […]

Eating disorders don’t just affect young women

By Kelly Newson Who says eating disorders are just for teens and 20 somethings? Well, if you haven’t noticed lately, then you should know that eating disorders affect every age group – male and female. Some don’t speak out about it. For instance, older adults, more in particular the 50 plus age group, aren’t likely […]

Uncensored bird flu research published

By Kyra Hall Ever since it was first transmitted to humans through contact with domesticated fowl, the bird flu has been at the center of a potential pandemic panic. The virus is not contagious among humans in nature, but a team of Dutch scientists at the Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands endeavored to determine […]