Nicotine vaccine in the works

By Luis Cabrera An innovative approach to help those trying to quit smoking for good may be available in the near future. Scientists at Weill Cornell Medical College are experimenting with a promising new way to combat addiction: a vaccine that provides anti-bodies to block nicotine directly in the blood stream. The study published in […]

Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare

By Randy Rose The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare with the exception that the individual mandate be called a tax. That means Obamacare is moving forward, and your liberties are being lost. Doctors are selling their practices and Insurance premiums are raising. Businesses are tossing out their healh insurance, knowing the fine that will be imposed […]

Red meat not a healthy choice study says

By Luis Cabrera We all know that red meat should be consumed in moderation, but in the real world out there, only a few of us follow strict guidelines. Is there a safe amount we can eat without any harmful side effects or long-term risks to our health? Recent results of a 20-year study suggest […]