Suicide: Establishing The Risk

By Dr. Neuman: Approximately 340,000 people kill themselves every year in this country. If we include all those others who kill themselves purposely  but in a way that seems to be accidental, such as an automobile crash, the number would be higher.  Suicide is a major public health problem. To some extent, it is contagious. The rate of […]

West Nile Virus has infected 390 people 8 have died this year

By DiMarkco Chandler: We last reported several days ago that the number of West Nile virus cases reported in the U.S. totaled 241. Since then, reported cases of the disease has significantly  increased to 390. The elevated change has moved the “Center for Disease Control and Prevention to classify the disease as an epidemic. It’s the […]

America’s Cholesterol Report Card Shows Improvement In Children & Teens

The “Journal of the American Medical Association” has issued an impressive report card the children of the U.S.A. Recent researchers reveals that cholesterol levels have improved among children and teens over the past two decades, despite rising obesity rates during the same period according to the “Center for Disease Control and Prevention.” The study, which […]