Bath salts on the rise as new designer drug

Bath salts on the rise as new designer drug

By Kyra Hall The term “bath salts” has been a buzzword ever since it was first mentioned that they might be responsible for Saturday’s crazed cannibal attack in Miami. This term has led to much confusion among the average person. What are “bath salts?” Are these the same substances that can be bought at any […]

10-year-old girl gives birth to daughter in Colombia

By Amanda Shore A 10-Year-Old girl in Colombia gave birth to a five pound baby daughter by cesarean section in April. She is reported to have arrived at the hospital in tears, bleeding and in immense pain, which is to be expected of someone so young. Delivering by cesarean section was the only option for […]

Bath Salts: new designer drug that makes people crazy

 Killer Drug Sold Over The Counter By Dock Walls, @dockwalls More and more often, people high on “Bath Salts” are becoming violent and engaging in psychotic behavior. Teens high on this uncontrolled substance have killed their parents, neighbors and even their neighbors’ goats. Now, the President of Miami’s Fraternal Order of Police has suggested the […]