No Employees In IRS To Talk To

by Roy Denish “Why are you fidgeting and restless?” Felix asked his son Stan. “No, Daddy. I’m not fidgeting. I’m furious!” said Stan. “Why, may I ask?”

NFL Concussions a Major Headache

By Art Stevens Folks, I think we may very well be at a major turning point for the National Football League. The issue that it turns on is “concussions.” NFL football has always been known as a CONTACT sport. Today, it would be described more accurately as a COLLISION sport, and the result of these […]

MAGAZINE WARS: Time and Newsweek Push Covers To The Limits

By: Dock Walls @dockwalls May 18, 2012 Released just in ahead of Mother’s day, the current Time Magazine cover features a mother breast feeding her nearly four year old son. The text accompanying this provocative photo tauntingly asks, “Are You Mom Enough?” Viewer reaction to this explicit cover was swift but widely varied. While some […]