NBA Conference Final Game 7 Predictions: King LeBron James Remains Uncrowned, Celtics Beat Miami Heat

By Tadashi The Top 10 reasons the Celtics will win game 7 against the Heat in the NBA Eastern Conference Final and have the chance to win their 18th NBA championship against the “manic-depressive” Young Turks from Oklahoma. 10.  King Lebron, even in his prime at age 27, will not play another superhuman, virtually complete […]

Kanye West Gets Lamborghini on 38 Birthday, Someone Tell Kim Kardashian Money Can’t Buy Everything

By DiMarkco Chandler Kanye West received a new Lamborghini for his 38th birthday compliments of girlfriend of a few months Kim Kardashian. Now I say that’s one birthday gift that is not easy to forget and makes me wonder if Kardashian is trying to impress the unpredictable rapper. Absolutely.  Rumor has it that Kardashian is […]