The Opportunity in Adversity

By Albert Angulo “In the middle of adversity lies opportunity.” These were the words of the incredible Albert Einstein, and I happen to believe he was right not only because I have experienced adversity all my life since the day I was prematurely born and sent my mother into a coma that lasted over a […]

The End of the First Wave

By Garth Baker In the Detective Bureau, we used a term called detective shopping. What this referred to was a person who called thinking they were a victim and when they didn’t get the answer they wanted, they would call again and talk to another detective in hopes they could get a different response. I […]

Which Came First…The Chicken or The Egg?

By Jo Rooks There are theories that we are what we think, that our thoughts determine our life path, and that if we think “correctly,” we can manifest our life to be exactly how we want it. I am by no means saying this theory is correct or incorrect. I don’t know if thoughts can […]